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15. January 2021

Congratulations to our nursing experts in out-of-hospital ventilation

Well done to our colleagues for passing their exams. After about six months of cramming online …


21. October 2020

Shared accommodation in Chemnitz

The doors of the three residential communities in Chemnitz have closed. But only to open ONE …


15. October 2020

Patients leave us – because we care for them so well

For the second time this year, we have been able to discharge a patient home. Like …


15. October 2020

intensivLEBEN mountain run

The Chemnitz Company Run may have been unavoidably cancelled, but that’s no reason to stop us …


15. October 2020

It’s quite a sensation…

…because unfortunately it doesn’t happen very often. At the end of July, Kenneth W. was able …


15. October 2020

Congratulations on passing the exam

After a successful training period at intensivLEBEN, we look forward to employing Linda Pröse and Bellinda …


15. October 2020

TOP 100: intensivLEBEN has been named Innovation Champion for the second time

During the scientific selection process, we made a particularly good impression with our success in innovation. …