Post from Thursday, 15. October 2020

Patients leave us – because we care for them so well

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For the second time this year, we have been able to discharge a patient home. Like many of our patients, Ms Krahl had a hard road behind her. But together, we achieved the incredible – Ms K. was in a position to leave us in September 202, after about a year. This woman is a fighter, and today she can speak, eat and drink again. By perseving with exercises with physiotherapist Mareno Herrig, Ms K. can now climb stairs again. She stresses that she wouldn’t have managed any of this so quickly without the loving help and support of the employees of intensivLEBEN. Ms K. has told us that she is more than 100% happy with us, and would like to take our caregivers with her! Despite all the joy about the great progress she’s made, it will also be a bit strange for Ms K., since she felt very comfortable at intensivLEBEN, as she herself says. We wish Ms K. all the very best for the future.

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