News from the world of nursing – and from us.

Glückwunsch zur bestandenen Prüfung

16. July 2021

Congratulations on passing the final exam

After three years of training, our apprentices have passed their final examination as caregivers for the …


08. April 2021

Commended as an “Attractive Nursing Employer”

Yet again, we have every reason to rejoice – we’ve been certified as an “Attractive Nursing …


24. March 2021

10 years of intensivLEBEN GmbH

On 23 March 2021, we celebrated our 10th anniversary. It’s been a wonderful and eventful decade. …


15. January 2021

Congratulations to our nursing experts in out-of-hospital ventilation

Well done to our colleagues for passing their exams. After about six months of cramming online …


10. November 2020

The nursing profession is wonderful

A career in nursing brings with it many wonderful moments. Just like at the residential community …


21. October 2020

Shared accommodation in Chemnitz

The doors of the three residential communities in Chemnitz have closed. But only to open ONE …


15. October 2020

Patients leave us – because we care for them so well

For the second time this year, we have been able to discharge a patient home. Like …


15. October 2020

intensivLEBEN mountain run

The Chemnitz Company Run may have been unavoidably cancelled, but that’s no reason to stop us …


15. October 2020

It’s quite a sensation…

…because unfortunately it doesn’t happen very often. At the end of July, Kenneth W. was able …


15. October 2020

Congratulations on passing the exam

After a successful training period at intensivLEBEN, we look forward to employing Linda Pröse and Bellinda …


15. October 2020

TOP 100: intensivLEBEN has been named Innovation Champion for the second time

During the scientific selection process, we made a particularly good impression with our success in innovation. …