Asking, listening, helping. At the highest level of medical and nursing care.


What we do responsibly for those requiring an intensive level of support:


Discharge and case management

A reliable link between the discharging clinic, the nursing team and other parties.

Discharge and case management

We ensure that coordination between the discharging clinic, the doctors and those in need of intensive support runs smoothly. We also talk to health-insurance companies regarding cover for costs, organise patient transport and arrange for all the necessary assistive equipment – so our patients are well taken care of as they arrive home or at an assisted-living community.


Assisted-living communities

In excellent hands, living with other people who also require a high level of care

Assisted-living communities

We arrange places in assisted-living communities, working with communal-living groups and associations. They also take care of managing and running these shared homes – and make sure that residents live together happily.


Individual care at home

An intensive level of care in your own home, 24 hours a day

Individual care at home

We visit our patients’ homes to make sure all vital functions are monitored at all times. If you as a family member would like to support us in our daily activities, please feel free! Talk to us about it, and we’ll discuss when and how.


Out-of-hospital ventilation and weaning – including blood-gas analysis

Artificial respiration and the careful withdrawal of respiratory support

Out-of-hospital ventilation and weaning – including blood-gas analysis

We provide care for people who need artificial respiration, who have a tracheotomy or who are highly dependent on care. With weaning, on the other hand, we try to withdraw reliance on the ventilator – all this in the home environment and always in consultation with caregiving clinics and doctors. We also have devices for blood-gas analyses and look after the relevant examinations.


Rehabilitation and medical technology

Key living aids delivered immediately and ready for use

Rehabilitation and medical technology

We work with selected, proven providers of rehabilitation and medical technology. They ensure that vital aids are delivered immediately and ready for use, so that intensive caregiving can go ahead safely and smoothly.


Occupational therapy

Preserving and strengthening resources for possible recovery

Occupational therapy

We work with experienced occupational therapists: Through arm- and hand-strengthening exercises, cognitive exercises, developing motor skills and sensory integration, they strengthen and preserve capabilities and thus contribute to a possible recovery. We look after the coordination of these applications.



Training the body and gaining vitality step by step


We combine numerous physiotherapy approaches: breathing therapy, heat and cryotherapy, physical therapy, kinesiology tape, manual lymphatic drainage, the Bobath concept and much more. All these are tailored to meet the needs of the patient ‒ in terms of which ones to apply and how often ‒ regardless of how many treatments the attending physician has prescribed. We are responsible for coordinating physiotherapy applications.

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Everything is taken care of. Because everything is clearly laid out in our process.

All services pass through our in-house system, ensuring that those requiring an intensive level of care receive the vital support they need – at the right time and in the right place.

  1. Discharge and case management
  2. Arranging communal living or individual care at home
  3. Setting up out-of-hospital ventilation and weaning
  4. Organising and assigning rehabilitation and medical technology
  5. Organising and applying occupational therapy
  6. Organising and applying physiotherapy

Alternative ways of living

At home or in an assisted-living facility. To live as independently as possible.

Living as independently as possible despite the need for an intensive level of care; feeling comfortable while also being cared for every minute of the day ‒ we help make this a reality for our patients whether in assisted-living communities or at home.

Receiving high-dependency care in the comfort of your own home can do a world of good. That’s because living in a familiar environment promises a much better quality of life. And that’s in the interests of all patients. Our nurses often work in conjunction with relatives to support and care for the patient at home. Being close to family is also beneficial for many people. Our nursing professionals are on hand around the clock. They are also there to advise family members.

If extra care at home is not feasible due to stairs or a lack of accessibility, we will arrange a place in an assisted-living community. This is where several people in need of extra support live together in the same dwelling. However, everyone has their own private room, which they can furnish to their own tastes, and therefore feel much more at home. Nobody here is alone. Our nursing professionals are on site around the clock. Living in a community also helps people combat isolation.


Societal participation

Experience something together. Right here, right now.

Sometimes it’s the zoo, sometimes it’s the countryside, sometimes it’s even the Christmas market… And if the weather plays along, it’s always something in the fresh air! We are always coming up with ways to get those who need intensive levels of care out and about, and actively participating in public life.

“It’s not about adding more days to your life, it’s about adding more life to your days.” Doctor, nurse and social worker Cicely Saunders had it right. True to her motto, we help open the door to beautiful experiences for those requiring extra care: We only ever do things in small groups and, of course, depending on the weather and the health of the patients. After all, we don’t want anyone to overexert themselves. In addition, our occupational therapists and physiotherapists provide a great deal of support in terms of social inclusion by helping everyone to boost or rediscover their mobility. We also enable those requiring intensive levels of care and their relatives to enjoy holidays together in an accessible environment. Together, we plan your leisure time and accompany you along the way, so that the change of scenery is good for all concerned.